Dora Brigham Interiors (DBI) is a full service interior design firm that works with residential projects large and small. DBI works closely with the architect, contractor and client to meet any challenge. Ultimately, whether traditional, contemporary or eclectic in style, each project represents innovation, good taste and unity in the final design.

Remodeling... Designing for Success


Remodeling a home or parts of a home can become expensive and very inconvenient.

A design professional can save you money and time.

This master bath remodel included the whole master suite area.   The client was ready for a contemporary and spa like environment.   The challenge as designers, was to interpret and reflect her personality into materials and good design.

Budget was respected and maintained by pre-selecting and purchasing all approved materials before demolition.  Then all it took was professional labor and designer supervision to accomplish a worthwhile remodel.

Steam showers are more than an affordable luxury

Did you know that taking a steam shower uses half as much water as a regular shower uses? And a steam shower uses much less water than a tub bath.


Mid-Century Home Remodel Including Steam Shower
The benefits of adding a steam shower to your home compared to going to the spa:
*Water conservation
*Consistent use
*Well being
*A good return on your investment

Contact Dora Brigham Interiors to evaluate opportunities to add a steam shower to your home.